Strategic Foundation

Begins at 20 Hours a Month

We have learned that the core to a solid foundation is working with one dedicated strategist so they can:

  • Become integrated with your marketing team
  • Understand your business goals, and
  • Prioritize the needs of your monthly engagement

Your strategist will compile a team of specialists based on the needs of your engagement.

Our Blue Noda Network is compiled of experts who are:

  • Pre-Vetted
  • US-Based 
  • Experienced (10+ years with case studies to support)

Anyone can go to Fiverr or UpWork but what you will find out is that not all specialists are built the same and they are here to execute one part of the strategy.

As we build your team with extended talent from our network,  you will pay the same amount as you would if you had sourced them yourself. The difference is that you now have a dedicated strategist who is driving the success and bigger picture vision of your marketing playbook.

Blue Noda experts can be integrated for short-term or long-term contracts as we like the flexibility to pivot to the needs of your strategic retainer.


How does the pricing work?

Basic strategic retainers begin at $2500 a month. That's $125/hour with a full-service agency equipped with consultants that have been specializing in their realm for 10+ years.

This positions your team with one dedicated strategist to:

  • Research and layout your strategy
  • Lead monthly playbooks
  • Ensure to define and build one source of truth for your analytics
  • Deliver monthly reports of success and failure (remember we can learn from both)
  • Build your team of specialists based on the needs of your engagement and budget
What's Blue Noda's A La Carte Pricing?

If you prefer to call us up for some hourly tweaks to the website or perhaps a few consult calls to re-align your strategy our pricing is $150/hour.

What does our partnership look like?

Great question. 

Month One consists of:

  • Research
  • Discovery Questions
  • SEO Analysis (this is the foundation of our content marketing plan)
  • PPC Audit
  • Website Audit for CRO optimizations

Month Two consists of:

  • Creation and execution of our first Playbook - this is usually not a new campaign but rather the clean-up of current campaigns to begin proper testings
  • Personas Workshop
  • Messaging Workshop

Month Three consists of:

  • Playbook at the beginning of the month
  • Bi-Monthly call to touch base on all tasks and roadblocks
  • End of month reporting
How long are the contracts?

We ask for a 3-month commitment to get off the ground and then the engagement is month-to-month.

What makes working with Blue Noda any different from my current agency?

The short answer, we are a hybrid.

The long answer:

Working with Blue Noda means you are connected to a network of talent that is handpicked for your industry and marketing challenges.

We analyze your marketing infrastructure in order to propose the right solutions that will enable you to reach your business + marketing goals.

Is Blue Noda a digital agency or a consultancy?

The biggest difference between a digital consultant and an agency is the strategy. While there are many similarities between a digital consultant and an agency, the main difference is that strategy and strategic recommendations are traditionally attributed to a digital consultant while the implementation of the recommendation belongs to the agency.

Another important distinction is that a digital consultant works within a client’s framework, while an agency is given “agency” to act on behalf of their clients to execute project plans.

blue noda is a network of digital marketing specialists that analyzes your marketing infrastructure to propose the right set of services to enhance your overall strategy and execution. We work with your team to provide strategy, education, deliverables, and timely implementation.

We are a mix of two great initiatives to deliver a more affordable and flexible contracts to middle market and enterprise organizations.

How much do your services cost?

Our services are customized to your needs.

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What are Blue Noda 's core services?
  • strategy
  • search engine optimization
  • content strategy + development
  • email automation
  • sales enablement
  • lead generation
  • website optimization
  • website design + development
  • paid media backed by AI + campaign management
What are some cons to working with a digital agency?

Digital marketing agencies tend to have a short-term focus. This means they might focus on small areas of your digital marketing. For example, increasing your Twitter followers or running a PPC campaign to increase website visits. This means we see digital marketing as a whole mix of integrated channels and not just social media or websites on their own. A digital marketing consultancy will tend to look at the bigger picture, such as how do we use social media, websites, online advertising, content marketing and so on to increase our client’s sales or market share. Instead of saying, how do we increase website visits or our client’s social media followers.


An Array of Areas We Can Offer Support

Content Marketing


Paid Search

Paid Social

Sales Support

Web Design

Hosting + Support

Email Marketing



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