01. The Challenge & Solution

Moskowitz, LLP is a tax law firm client of ours and has been since 2017. In the fall of 2020, we began fine tuning the content strategy for the firm. They’ve been writing blog content on a variety of tax issues since 2009. Our keyword optimization initiative scoured their existing blog articles for keywords. Based on article content, we cross-referenced post content with keyword popularity on Google. Where we saw opportunities, we changed content slightly and carefully re-wrote page and image tags. From November 2020 to March 31, 2021:

• We have more than doubled organic traffic, and increased positioning and visibility
• Won new keywords we were never ranking for before and pushed mid-ranking keywords into the top 1-3 seats in SERPS (this is an ongoing strategy to see more of the yellow bars in one of the last charts)

03. Perfect Result

The perfect result is a perfect relationship. We are able to make strides across all channels because of the trust and freedom in this partnership.

More case studies to come from this year’s tax planning campaign!