A New Agency MOdel Means

Been There from the Beginning Meets Knows Where it's Going.

Veterans of digital, B Randall and Andrea’s unique blend of skills and expertise fosters BEST IN CLASS SOLUTIONS with PROVEN RESULTS.
Not just another “marketing agency”, Blue Noda’s culture incorporates HUMANITY, HUMILITY and a firm UNDERSTANDING of a business’ needs in order to simplify today’s marketing reality in an ever more complicated world.
B Randall Willis
B Randall Willis
President & Partner

I’ve built two very successful agencies. I’ve helped companies adopt their business models to a digital world. I’ve worked with the largest brands. And I’ve produced more programs than I’ll ever admit.

Andrea Brynn Salemi
Chief Growth Officer & Founder

I’ve driven major programs for some of the biggest brands on the planet. And I have a strong vision of how to effectively use today’s marketing technologies and the data that is produced.