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World Class Expertise Dedicated to Today's Business Leaders.

The internet has transformed the way business is done and organizations need to be digital-first in order to remain competitive. This is especially true in marketing and sales. Blue Noda helps our clients achieve growth through digital first strategies and solutions.

We are a veteran team of strategists and executers who are committed to solving our client’s growth challenges every day. Obsessed with growth, our mission is to help companies generate more business. Focused on three key metrics – increase leads, improve conversion, and generate opportunities – our team collaborates every day, solving our client’s challenges and reaching their goals. 

Our work blends content, strategy, design, technology, marketing, sales, and operations in order to solve real-world growth issues for our clients.


Andrea Brynn Salemi
Growth Strategies
B Randall Willis
Client Happiness
Stephanie Potter
Paid Strategies


UX Writer
Andrew Ellis
UX Content
Full Stack Development
Mike Wojciak
Full-Stack Development
Headshot Blue Noda Website
Social Media Manager
UX/UI Design
UX/UI Design
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Muhammad Nawaz
Senior Designer Content
Haleigh Sopoliga
WordPress Development
Christopher Skinner