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Why Join Our Network?

Maintain Your Freedom & Rates With Less Hassle

We built Blue Noda to provide a better strategy. for the client, create a streamlined process, and allow our specialists to focus on what they love to do. All contracts are scoped with your professional input, at your rates, and led by a Blue Noda strategist.


  • Specialists who have been consulting 3+ years – you understand your needs, time management, and scope
  • Based in the US – we love our global partners but for now, this makes timezone coordination easier
  • You enjoy working with a remote team – weekly 15-minute huddles will not upset you
  • SCRUM is a project management approach you enjoy or are open to
  • You have fun. We love what we do for clients and we have come from a space where poor business and management took that joy away from us – this is an environment to connect – learn – and grow relationships with other consultants
we hire the best

How Our Recruitment Process Works

Fill Out The Form

Fill out the form to let us know more about yourself and what you’re looking for. Our team may send some follow-up questions and schedule a call for the next steps if it is a fit.

Then We Chat

The next step is getting on a video call and reviewing some of your portfolio work.
Have your best work ready for screen share and be ready. to submit your rate card.

Meet your Pod

When everything is aligned, we will assign you to your pod. All contacts are led by a Blue Noda. Strategist/PM to keep everything consistent and allow you to focus on your specialty.

Take the Next Step

Tell Us About Yourself

We pride ourselves on connecting talent across the US to form a strong professional network that allows you to work remotely and maintain your work-life balance. Our portfolio of services is diverse and requires PODs to be cross-functional and specialized based on the industry of the client.

Work remote – maintain your freedom and enjoy working with a team again.

Talent We Are Searching For